Welcome to Amerikanki – a women’s guide to living an awesome life! Passionate writers share their inspirational and practical tips based on life experiences to inspire you to live up to your fullest potential. The goal of the website is to inspire you to love yourself, love your life and love people around you. We will help you find your purpose and passion in life, improve your relationships, live a healthier lifestyle, lose weight, look stylish, travel safely, manage your money better, and overall enjoy your life. In short, we will help you feel better, look better, think better and live better.

Mission Statement


There is so much we women strive to do and foster in our lives, and yet we often feel utterly lost and beaten down. We feel like we are not effective, successful, attractive, energetic, and smart enough. Eventually, we do not see progress in any areas of our lives. The aim of Amerikanki is to transform your mind, thinking, priorities, habits, and overall life, as well as teach you to make the positive changes around you. We will show you how to:

  • wake up as an unbreakable version of you;
  • feel open to new opportunities;
  • overcome challenges with ease and grace;
  • motivate yourself to feel wealthy even when your wallet is empty;
  • feel grateful even when you have nothing at all;
  • embrace your mistakes, flaws, and failures;
  • build healthy, long-term relationships;
  • spend more quality time with your little ones;
  • live confidently without dwelling on the past;
  • give the infinite faith to believe in a brighter future;
  • find a role model;
  • reach career success;
  • discover new places worldwide without breaking the bank;
  • be happy for others rather than feeling jealous of them;
  • remind yourself that dreams come true;
  • encourage yourself to never give up;
  • improve your emotional nutrition intake;
  • be patient with yourself;
  • upgrade your home on a budget;
  • enjoy your life with your pets;
  • realize food is a blessing that should never be taken for granted;
  • stop thinking that healthy food is rabbit food.

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